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Please see below for useful links: 


Local Port Authority 

Medway Ports (Peel Ports Ltd)


Tel: 01795 596596

Web: www.medwayports.com 

Local River Association
Medway Yachting Association (MYA) 


RYA - South East 


Web: www.medwayya.co.uk


Web: www.ryase.org.uk 


River Guides 


Skippers Guide - Medway, Swale & 

Thames information guide

Web: www.skippersguide.co.uk


                    Visit My Harbour - online pilot guide for 

                     small crafts, lot of useful information. 

Web: www.visitmyharbour.com 
Marine Paint Suppliers

Skipper's Line Marine Coatings - 

Suppliers of yacht paints, varnishes

antifouling etc 


Tel: 01634 815522

Web: www.skipperspaints.co.uk

The Paint shop 



Other Useful Links 


BBC Coastal Weather Forecast






Beacon Boatyard

Tel: 01634 841320



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